Mr Wake

¿Quién no tiene problemas como yo en las mañanas para despertar? Siempre que suena el despertador, uno logra ingeniárselas hábilmente para, entre sueños, apagar la alarma o cambiarla a quince minutos después para dormir un poquito más (que potencialmente pueden ser dos horas más)

Bueno, pues Mr Wake está aquí para resolver ese problema:

Su creador, Vadim Ryazanov, nos dice:

Now, to give you idea how Wake works: Alarm clock mechanism I used has 3 contacts, Plus, Ground, and Alarm, which goes high when alarm goes off. This was really fortune for me, as I had only to connect the grounds and use this Alarm pin as analog input (Could not use it as digital as clock runs on 1.5V) and it workes just fine. So, whenever Alarm pin goes high, my code picks this up and switches Mr. Wake from “standby” to “alarm” mode, which makes him switch on IR leds and red LED in Magic Button on, read ambient reading from IR transistors and wait till the reading inceased above ambiant one, which means something is aproaching from above (I have the detection only from above, where clock and Magic Button are.

Regálenme uno de estos para navidad

Link aquí
Encontrado vía Neatorama


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